Success Is Achieved Through Discipline, Not By Accident!

By Lai Seng Choy

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If you want to achieve success, you need a clear goal and proper planning and the willingness to put in plenty of hard work. Discipline is the essential element that binds all these together to bring you success. Discipline holds everything together in the face of obstacles, challenges and difficulties. There will be plenty of challenges in life.

If we see discipline as the glue that holds the whole thing intact, motivation would be the fuel booster. To get through life, we need to pace ourselves carefully and manage the ‘fuel’ we have in order to complete the race successfully.

A lot of people get all excited about things in the initial stage, and they proceed enthusiastically for a short burst of time. As to be expected, the momentum declines and fizzles out after a while. The most challenging time in life is when the momentum is no longer present. This is when one is most vulnerable. This is when we need strong motivation to push ahead.

Words of wisdom:

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

~ Jim Rohn ~

How do you define success? Success is like water. It does not have fixed form or shape. It moulds and fills according to environment. It carries different significance and importance to different people, depending on how people interpret its value.

When we achieve success as defined by us, we achieve meaningful results, and that is real success. Do not chase after someone else’s dream, what others have asked you to achieve for yourself. We will be split from head to toe, busy running around listening to varying advice, not knowing in which direction to go.

If there is one favour that we can do for ourselves, it is to respect ourselves for who we are and have the courage to live life the way we aspire to. Do not let someone else decide our life for us. It is OUR lives, so let’s decide for OURSELVES.

Success is as personal as it can be to each individual. Everyone should have their own definition of success. Success should never be generalized or standardized. Nobody should be allowed to set the criteria of success for anyone else.

Success, unlike material possessions, cannot be taken away from us! It is our success: treasure it, love it, embrace it, celebrate it, share it – no matter how big or small it is!

In today’s world, like it or not, success is measured in monetary and material terms. People usually measure success based on material worth, such as the kind of house someone lives in, the car he or she drives, how often he or she goes for expensive holidays – the more possessions someone has, the more successful he or she is perceived to be. This is society’s mindset when it comes to evaluating success.

Material possessions have too often been prescribed as parameters for success in life. Wealth and power have also been mistaken for an indication of success.


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