You Talk I Talk with Joseph & Debbie @ Jobbie

Interview by TeamKanyin

Joseph and Debbie were only 20 and 18 years old respectively when they decided to embark on this incredible entrepreneurial journey to create the Malaysian peanut butter brand, Jobbie, that would soon, win the hearts of fellow Malaysians.

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How do you get rid of a bad habit in your behaviour system?

By Carol Yip

To delete, get rid of or remove a word, file, software or programme inside a computer, you need to press the “Delete” key on the keyboard.

Unfortunately, there is no “Delete” function in your brain. Based on psychological studies, to delete or get rid of a thought, emotion or an experience, you will need to “create” an event or action that can bring in new emotion and thought to “overcome” the existing emotion or thought that was first stored in your brain.

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You Talk I Talk with Certified Counsellor Faith Foo

Interview by TeamKanyin

When was the last time you give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done? When was the last time you thank yourself for self-care action as simple as making yourself a nice hot cuppa? Well, let’s try this the other way: when was the last time you blaming yourself for leaving the house without your wallet, or calling yourself stupid just because of some petty mistakes?

In this exclusive interview with certified counsellor and EMDR therapist Faith Foo, we’re going to get more insights on mental health and how to be kind to ourselves. Self-care is the key to happiness.  

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A Loving and Strict Father

By Tan Yen Fong

Kuok believed the most important word in life is 奋斗 (strive).

Kuok’s daughter Kuok Hui Kwong shared, “When we were kids, our father would still care about us despite his busy schedule. He especially cared about our education. Hong Kong was still a British colonial then. hence, many of our friends from well-off families were sent to international schools or British schools by their parents. However, our father insisted we study Chinese, particularly, Mandarin, not Cantonese. At that time, the only Chinese school in Hong Kong was at North Point, which was about a 20-minute drive away and we finished our elementary education there. I must say we did whine about it as Mandarin is not as easy as English. There was a lot of homework. But now, we are thankful to our father for insisting we learn Mandarin.”

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大观有约陈馨懿Syndy @ Popalloon


外国的月亮比较圆 – 这番话对时下年轻人来说或许有些人还会有所共鸣和向往。十多年前,陈馨懿Syndy放弃美国绿卡和月入7千美金返马发展,只可惜事业发展不尽理想,更曾经一度背负着十多万债务。一起来看看Popalloon创始人,气球造型师兼导师陈馨懿Syndy重建人生的心路历程吧!

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Self-understanding, the best asset one could ever have

By Dr Tang Teck Nguong

I have noticed that there are people who do not really enjoy what they are doing in life. In fact, they seem to be struggling and some even hate what they are doing. However, they feel they have to carry on due to various reasons such as the need for income and family commitments. They cannot see a way out and continue to be trapped in a life of misery.

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Alibaba, 1001 Mistakes

By TeamKanyin

After rejecting and also being rejected by 38 capitalists and investors, Alibaba finally raised USD5 million from Goldman Sachs in August 1999, followed by USD20 million from Softbank Corporation in the first quarter of 2000. With these funds, Alibaba became the world’s largest online trading market ever in no time.

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Growing up in turbulent times

By TeamKanyin

Li is definitely not nouveau riche. One of the reasons he is respected and loved by the people, especially the Chinese, is his inspirational self-made success despite the turbulent times he was born in, and his humility and generosity despite his massive wealth.

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Rebuild Your Life

By TeamKanyin

Want to become a better version of you but don’t know where to start?

Want to boost your career prospects but don’t know what to improve?

Kanyin’s top picks in conjunction with Rebuild Your Life Month may be the inspirations you need.  

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You Talk I Talk with Ultrarunner Ng Seow Kong

Interview by TeamKanyin

In this exclusive interview, ultrarunner Ng Seow Kong shared with us how he started barefoot running and his passion in ultra-marathon.

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