About Us


Started in 2002 at a small corner in an apartment, we could hardly have imagined the impact we would created for our readers and societies. Since then, Kanyin has focused consistently in publishing books related to finance, investment and business in Malaysia.

By being selective in contents we want to publish, by working closely with authors, bookstores and our partners, we promise to our readers, we are able to provide the best reading materials to our customers. By working with our professional team, authors are to express, share their experience, knowledge and wisdom that could impact our readers. They pour their hearts and soul, we help to turn it in pages. We help them to leave their legacies as in books. Legacies that change, improve, impact our readers and society in a meaningful and positive way.

In this process, we create platforms to showcase Malaysia’s talents to the public. We wish to promote a knowledge-based society by society through books.

We believe that reading books published by Kanyin should be more than a wonderful experience. We  are honored to introduce our publications – making society better informed.

Since 2002, we are one of the leading publishers and distributors of autobiographies, self-help, motivation, health, personal financial, investment, branding and management books written by Malaysians, for ASEAN.

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