Rebuild Your Life

By TeamKanyin

Want to become a better version of you but don’t know where to start?

Want to boost your career prospects but don’t know what to improve?

Kanyin’s top picks in conjunction with Rebuild Your Life Month may be the inspirations you need.  

Robert Kuok by Tan Yen Foong

The way to making money is to have a good business sense and luck, according to many people. Little do they know that a person’s values are reflected in his behaviour. Generally, people do what they want, especially those who are powerful and influential! For the many who start from scratch, some will become upstarts, busily climbing the social ladder to reach pinnacle. But there are some who will take the initiative to do good deeds to benefit others.

As we study Kuok’s success story, it will become obvious that he has stayed true to his virtues – from making small amounts to earning tons. In his business dealings or national causes, he has always upheld his integrity. And the more money he made, the more careful and determined he was to remain upright.

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Li Ka-Shing by Phoebe Wong (Team Kanyin)

Li’s rag-to-riches journey is unquestionably an inspiring story that underscores that one can succeed in life – as long as he is willing to learn, grab knowledge, put in 200% effort and most importantly, be true, honest and have integrity.

In this book, you’ll discover that what he has accomplished stems from who he is. All these achievements are the results of his attitude towards life. His experiences, the accounts of his dealings with people, especially the poor, and his fortitude in the face of adversities will inspire and challenge you to want to rise above yourself.

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Jack Ma by Phoebe Wong (Team Kanyin)

Ma believes that nothing is ever possible if we never do it. When no believed the Internet would loom large in the future, when everyone chose to believe he would fail every which way, Ma told himself, “If you want to do it, just try it. If things don’t work out the way you expect, you can always go back to what you were doing before.”

This book sheds light on Ma’s amazing entrepreneurial journey – from his humble beginning to becoming the Chinese Internet legend – and many of his valuable insights and counsels on life and entrepreneurship that will powerfully impact many youth and budding entrepreneurs.

Shark Tank by Bill Teh

This book will challenge and change the way people do business today. The content of this book will help business owners re-think the way they do business during this challenging time. Today, choosing the right path to do business is more important than working hard for your business. You will learn, unlearn and relearn the global top companies’ business models that will take your traditional business to another level.

This book will challenge and change the perception of millions of people around the world about doing business in modern times.

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The Modern Day Business Man by Nicholas Bayerle

This book is for the leaders of tomorrow who want success without sacrifice. Men who want to achieve success in their health, wealth, and relationships without giving up their personal life. For far too long, businessmen have been known for neglecting their health, their relationships and working 24/7. The Modern Day Business Man marks a new era of men who rise up against the status quo and live life on their own terms.

This book shares the timeless principles that Bayerle has learned after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, interviewing some of the most successful people in the world and having a Navy Seal for a mentor over the last decade.

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The Future is Small by Phoebe Wong (Team Kanyin)

Jack Ma has continuously preached his 30-30-30 ideology, that is: i) pay attention to the next 30 years; ii) pay attention to the 30-year-olds and below; and iii) pay attention to companies that have fewer than 30 employees, which he believes is the foundation for any preparations for the future.

The 30-30-30 focus aims to make the future more inclusive than the present, raise small companies, advance new industries and opportunities, and prepare the youths today to become leaders that will shape a whole new world.

This book shares many of Ma’s incredible insights of the future, and how we can get ready for all the uncertainties lying ahead.

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Money Rules by Carol Yip

There are two important things in your life that money cannot buy.

One is your time. The other is your life.

Carol Yip’s vision is to empower you take charge of your life by educating you to improve your personal behaviour and attitudes towards money to achieve emotional happiness, security and full control of your personal financial future in line with your life mission.

When you can eliminate money as one of the main sources of your problems – you will truly be in full control of your life!

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Father Loves You by Anthony Sabastian Marian

This book tells the story of a father who trained and taught his children the values in life without realising the importance until he was called from the above and the children realise the values that need to be practiced to live a simple life.

The little values that you practice which can make a difference in yourself and your surroundings, will definitely be the life that you want to be in.

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The Key Charting Your Path to True Success by Tony Lim

Life can be divided into chapters and the best way to live our life is trying to be the best performer in every chapter. Believe it? Humankind is living in hope. Without hope, we are empty. The only way to see hope is to keep developing our values.

Our passion level will determine the success level in everything we pursue. But, how do we determine passion? Do we have a sense of direction in our life, a plan for our life and are we moving accordingly?

Packed full of stories, knowledge and strategies, The Key brings you the best-ever SURE WIN STRATEGIES to help you to become outstanding throughout your different age ranges!

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The Art of Position by Datuk Stella Chin

The Chinese character for the word Position is written as 位, a combination of Human (人) and Stand (立). This character blend can be interpreted as a “stand that dominates a person’s action”.

In a team, everyone has their own position. If you want to be in a better position, you have to work harder; if you want to change your position, you have to change your mindset; and if you want to be in a better position next year, you have to start investing in yourself now. Your ambition has to be supported with new skills, improvements and talents.

Based on her rich work experience, here’s Datuk Stella Chin’s honest and practical advice to every wage earner: Every year, you should have a new “Position”.

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BELIEVE – Creating Infinite Possibilities by Lee Kim Soon

This is the story of an ordinary man chasing his dream. The story is written base on the true life experience without modifying anything so that it could be presented originally to the readers. With a dream – Every reader is able to cultivate positive thoughts, no matter how bad the situation is, as long as believe and hold on to the last, in adversity, you are still able to see the dawn of hope!

Believe, is a faith. It is invisible, shadowless; however, it is deeply embedded in the heart of believers. You better not to underestimate it, the power of believe, is beyond your imagination. It has the power to make you feel nothing is unsolvable in this world; it can also let you to reach the peak of your life continuously!

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Given Another Chance by Gan Siew Hua

This collection of short stories allows a peek into the personal real life events of an individual named Gan Siew Hua which yielded many inspiring lessons and motivations as the stories unraveled.

Overall, the book is a daring but delightful look at what it really takes to be a human who has been thrown various life challenges. The book is filled with personal accounts which can help others realise their true potentials. Bluntly honest and at times, funny, this is a book for everyone who has ever been shaken in their lives and needs a wake-up call.

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Tan Kai Hee – Soaring Without Fear and Regrets by Tan Yen Fong

The Founder and Chairman of Hai O Enterprise Bhd Mr. Tan Kai Hee led a troubled teenage life. He joined the social movement in his youth; he was poor most of the time and had barely enough to eat. When he finally built a successful business, he remained simple and continues to live a simple life. Most of his assets are the equity held by Hai-O Group, and every year the dividend income would be donated to the needy in society.

His philanthropic acts have undoubtedly made him one of top philanthropic entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Read this book to be inspired by this great man.

Book preview here

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