The Origin of SENHENG

By Tan Yen Fong

As the person helming the company, Mr. Lim Kim Heng’s spirit and determination is the strongest backing for his team. Things would be totally different if not for him. 

He came from a poor family. His father passed away at a young age, and in order to avoid the high cost of living in Klang, the family moved to a village in Kuala Selangor. Mr. KH Lim was the fifth child in a family of seven children. 

His family was very poor. “I still remember we used to eat salted fish and porridge every day. Meat was something we could only savour during Chinese New Year.”

“There was only one thing in my mind then – to change our lives. I knew that if I wanted to make more money, I had to study hard. Furthermore, I liked to be recognised and complimented, so I was determined to get good grades no matter how tough the situation was.” 

One day, he visited a classmate who worked at a time gallery in Pertama Complex. Mr. KH Lim told his classmate how he envied his luck as he himself was still looking for a job. His classmate told him that the electrical shop next door was hiring and asked him to try his luck there. 

At the meeting, the boss of the electrical shop said the company had no intention of hiring him, and he was meeting him only because of his persistence. They had thought that the ‘kampung boy’ would give up after three weeks. In the end, they had given in to his persistence and called him in for an interview. 

Eventually, he got the job. 

But unfortunately, he ended up being retrenched at his first job, his former boss remained his mentor for a long time and they are still friends till today.

“If he had not given me that first chance, I would never have ventured into this industry, never have set up Senheng. That opportunity taught me so much about the industry.”

Later then, Mr. KH Lim and his two brothers raised a capital of RM90,000 to set up Senheng in 1989. For 20 years, the three brothers have worked together with one heart and one mind. Mr. KH Lim also differentiated between ‘ownership’ and ‘managementship’. In terms of managementship, each handled the department they were best suited to handle. 

Initially, Mr. KH Lim was the only one with the experience in the consumer electrical and electronics retailing industry, while his brothers were trained on the job. Today, Mr. KH Lim’s brothers are capable of handling their departments independently.

Management is about assigning the right people to the right tasks depending on their skills.

“Management is about assigning the right people to the right tasks depending on their skills. When you do that, you will bring out the best in people and their work for the company will yield the best results,” he explains.

If it is said that Senheng’s strength are drawn entirely from the character and ability of Mr. KH Lim, it is perfectly true. He does not need to micro-manage his business because now all his employees works as he works. His ideals have shaped their attitude to work and their work ethics.

From a poor child worker to a sales rookie to a top-ranking consumer electrical and electrics retailer, Mr. KH Lim has always been courageous in the face of challenges. Each challenge that he has faced and overcome has taken him to a better position in the industry.

Senheng’s Corporate Culture is based on his principles, and all his employees are glad to adhere to it. Like him, they are ready for challenges, trustworthy, grateful and eager to give back to the society.

Senheng : Corporate Culture – The Engine of Growth (English version):

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