How to Prevent A Swiftlet Farming from Failure?

By Koay Miao Duo

Every aspect and detail of the necessary factors for a successful bird house has to be careful considered before a bird house is constructed.

It was a common belief that as long as you had the capital to build a bird house, you needn’t have to worry about subsequent management and hard work. Go and withdraw money from it like a bank. That scenario could have been true in some cases during the early days when there were abundant swiftlets with only a few bird houses.

Gone are the good old days! Now, in order to ensure success, you need to have a reasonable amount of knowledge or skills, or else engage a consultant with the knowledge and experience, to design a proper and adequate bird house before implementing it.

A bird house is unsuccessful due to several reasons. These include:

  1. Choosing a wrong location for the construction of bird house. This is of utmost importance.   
  • Area with few swiftlets.
  • Is not near to food sources.
  • Is not within the flight paths of swiftlets.
  • Area which is extremely high or cold, or extremely low and prone to floods.
  • Valley area with exceptionally strong winds.
  • Industrial area with dense chemical smell and noise pollution.
  • Area without trees, rivers or paddy fields nearby except only dusts and extreme heat.
  • Area with unmanageable hostility (e.g. from surrounding residence or local authorities). 
  • Area with unmanageable presence of predators. 

2. The problems of the bird house.

  • Unstable temperature in a bird house is a major cause of failure.
  • Lack of control on humidity (too dry or too humid).
  • Insufficient ventilation or excessive airflow inside the bird house.
  • Wrong design of flight paths and spaces.
  • Improper light intensity control at different areas (too dark or too bright).
  • Insufficient use or lack of monitoring of the aroma.
  • Unsuitable use of a sound system.
  • Inadequate preventive measures installed to prevent predators.

3. Too much of human disturbance and noise.

  • Many new investors are curious about the bird house conditions and would enter the house to observe regularly. This results in disturbances to swiftlets and lead to an unsuccessful bird house.
  • Within 2 months after the commissioning of a bird house, do not regularly go in and out it, unless it is necessary such as adding aroma. Even if so, leave the bird house as soon as work is done.
  • However, for established bird houses, such restrictions may not apply. 

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