4 Rules for Branding Your Business

By Dr Paul Temporal

There is no magic to branding, but there are some rules that need to be adhered to. If a company follows these rules and works hard at managing its brand strategy and image, then it can safely expect rewards to follow. Here are four basic rules that have to be implemented for Malaysian companies to improve their branding.

1. Great brands are built on clear strategy. There needs to be a very clear understanding of what the brand stands for, what the desired consumer perceptions of different target audiences are, and why it is different and better than the competitors’ positioning. These are brand promises and they must be realistic, credible and believable. Importantly, they have to be delivered, that is, great execution in every way.

2. Family companies, owner managers, directors and chief executives of B2B companies have to understand that there is more to branding than logos, design and advertising. Often these things mean nothing to the people they want to influence. If this is the case, then much money can be wasted in trying to keep up with the competitors. It is action that counts, and the customer experience that determines success or failure.

3. There is a need for consistency across all ‘touch of points’ of the brand. This means consistency across all communications from advertising, websites, design, promotions, direct marketing, customer service programmes, and so on. It also means getting buy in from all who work for and in the company. The ambassadors of a company’s brand are not just the top management, but every person a customer or potential customer comes into contact with. Successful corporate brands develop strong brand cultures. 

4. There is a need for strong ‘guardianship’ of the brand. As brands are strategic assets in their own right, they have to be managed as such. It means putting in time and effort and involving everyone in the company. In short, brand management is a strategic agenda item that requires meticulous care. Companies usually monitor numbers – profits, costs, operational and other important data – carefully and regularly, but fail to monitor brand image. A company’s brand should be its most valuable asset.  

B2B Branding in Malaysia. A guide to building successful business-to-business brands.

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