Why Do Some People Always Experience Failure?

By Derric Chew

1. They don’t respect the value of time.

People who have failed have little regard for their time. They can be found anywhere, at any time, because they lack the ability to focus their attention on their aims. Every year, they make new promises that they never keep because they are too lazy to put in the time required to attain their objectives. Learning to manage our time and ridentify which responsibilities to take on is an important step toward attaining tremendous success in any aspect of our lives.

2. They do not act in accordance with their objectives.

The further up on your value hierarchy a goal is, the more discipline and order it has. The lower in your value hierarchy a goal is, the less discipline and disorder it will bring. Unsuccessful people confuse busyness with productivity. They’re active in everything, but nothing they achieve is in line with their values and goals. Keeping track of your goals in a notebook and employing techniques to help you get there will aid you in spotting flaws.

3. They never take responsibility for their commitment.

Unsuccessful people are those who are content with achieving ordinary or below-average outcomes and will not bother to look for effective solutions to improve their situation.

Those who never take responsibility and accountability seriously for what they have committed will never become successful. Many thought they can be successful without being responsible for what they have committed to do, they just stuck in their own fantasy for the rest of their life.

4. They have set limits for themselves.

“I’m just not good with numbers,” unsuccessful people say, and “I simply don’t think I can run a lucrative firm.” They make boundaries for themselves and excuse their conduct, but it’s really just a way of avoiding missing out. Get rid of the idea that you only have a limited range of skills and talents for a restricted set of activities, and that you aren’t as smart as everyone else. Life requires you to make the most of yourself, both for yourself and for others.

5. They have a knack for finding reasons to justify their actions.

These are the people who will make excuses and rationalise why they can’t or shouldn’t do anything. This horrible behaviour is frequently misinterpreted by them as “just being realistic.” They are lacking in imagination and are always seeking for reasons why something should not be, but they never try. The simplest method to cope with this is to stop your mind from making excuses and re-ignite the motor that started it all.

6. They are not well-mannered.

Unsuccessful persons typically have a low social IQ. They say things like “at the very least, I’m being honest” or “this is who I am, live with it.” They have no idea how to treat other people and are frequently haughty for no apparent reason. Nobody likes a braggart, a braggart, a humble boaster, or someone who can’t say thank you when they’re complimented. These characteristics are unseemly and unworthy of true class acts. It’s simple to be kind and polite to somebody you like; being nice and polite to someone you can’t stand or with whom you have a regular argument takes character.

7. They are slackers.

The irony here is that they are almost always self-described slackers. They are unconcerned with their appearance. This is due to their inability to comprehend the importance of time. They don’t mind living in the past. They go through life as if they’ve just gotten a new job. Let’s simply see how round one goes, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll try next, rewind, or pause. Understanding that you begin dying the moment you are born, as well as the knowledge to recognise that every day is a gift, and you owe it to yourself to accomplish everything you can in those twenty-four hours because nothing is certain tomorrow.

8. They do nothing.

It’s possible that the simplicity of this rule of life causes them to overlook the magnitude of its consequences. Unsuccessful people have a proclivity for pondering and leaving footprints in the sands of time. They might talk a big game and have huge dreams, but they lack the confidence to take action. Stop daydreaming about what might be; dreams are fine in and of themselves, but get up, show up, and DO something. Stop gathering at the coffee shop and go do something productive.

9. Unable to deal with difficulties.

When things get painful, when things get a little hard, many people give up all too fast; they want roses without the thorns, kids without labour, and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow without having to brave the storm. Overcoming obstacles not only gets us closer to our objectives, but it also transforms us into someone we never imagined we could be. Don’t be scared to face your concerns and venture into unfamiliar area; step outside of your comfort zone and take on new challenges. In the face of hardship, courage emerges.

10. They don’t seem to care.

Unsuccessful people never have an opinion on anything, are incapable of making decisions, and are borderline stupid. If it isn’t immediately related to what they know, they can’t have intelligent talks and aren’t open-minded. They believe that everyone should have their own perspective on life. They don’t care about anything and don’t believe in anything. They don’t read, they don’t continue their education beyond “formal education,” and they don’t care about how they look. They don’t mind if they never reach their full potential since they’ve found a way to be bored in a world full of wonder and curiosity. The silent killer is apathy.

11. Too distracted.

How is it possible a person can run in four different directions at the same time? Prove it to me if you can do it, I’m more than happy to see how you do it. Being too greedy to grab as many gold bars as possible might ended losing everything at the end. Most people understand how dangerous being too distracted, just that not many willing to face the truth.

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