A Beginner Guide: How to Build Your Business Network Connection

By Bill Teh

Nowadays, corporate culture and social fission are indispensable. You can quickly learn and study their marketing tactics, how to build networks, how to design systems, and how to do product packaging. You are not required to pay physical stores, advertisements and utility bills. It only requires you to sell the products to customers with the hope that they will introduce more customer to you.

This method is called direct selling model in which connects a network of people and consumers with consumers. One company that thoroughgoing practice this method is Amway. They have found their strongest capabilities on social networking. In spite of the fact that, their tactics is focus on the network resources behind each customer and in the end turn your customers into your community of interests.

Be the platform for your customers

Transforming your company into a platform by not just selling the products but talks about the business opportunities with your customers.

Have you ever thought about helping your customers become entrepreneurs?

It is full of opportunities for anyone who wish to start their own business. Traditional companies always think about controlling costs and how to keep their headcount to the minimum.

Today, Taobao and WeChat are the largest entrepreneur platforms in China. In consideration of that, everyone involved in the WeChat business is happily working for themselves. The core value of this platform concept is to reposition yourself from what you want to do what your customers want to do.

There is a woman lingerie brand called XFHL, which was little known until it ranked in $5 billion sales in two years through WeChat. When the news broke out, it stunned and frustrated those who had been in the same woman lingerie business for more than 10 years. They were only making a few billion dollars but had opened thousands of stores.

Presently, you must think about how to transform your company into a platform for entrepreneur ship, by then the company will not have to go out to hunt for customers.

The business crossover

We must learn to find a crossover business where the profits do not rely on our main business. Our main business is the place where we cultivate relationship with customers or clients and build our network of contacts. The future of business will be to sell plenty of products to customers and these customers will help us to find more customers to buy our products and so on.

In the future, the business owner will become the brand, the celebrity and the media of the business itself. This is because in the future, the owner of the business will become the central influence of the business. The business owner’s responsibility is to continuously find new revenue points for the company because all company follow the industry cycle, which goes through three profit stages – good profits at the beginning, low profits in the middle, and no profit at the end. 

The ecosystem to sustain your business

The formula for a profitable company is resources plus operations = profit. Today, it is more difficult to do business because the business ecosystem has been destroyed.

In fact, the number of people doing business has begun to outnumber the customers. Since the ecosystem in the business world has changed, we’ll have to think out of the box to solve the problem. We have to leave the traditional way of thinking behind and build our own resources.

For example, during the process of starting your company, invest your money in other companies; let others invest in your company.

Jack Ma proposed the eWTP (Electric World Trade Platform) to establish cross border e-commerce. This would help developing countries and SMEs to participate in globalization and allow people everywhere to achieve ‘global buying, global selling’ on this platform. In turn, it would allow goods from all over the world to move freely.

In this era, the company’s direction should not be focused on hiring more employees and controlling cost. What you should do is to study how to turn your company into an entrepreneurial platform.

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