The Power of Money

By Carol Yip

Many people underestimate the power of money, and end up suffering from a lack of it. As a result, they become victims of money. The power of money can never be taken too lightly.

It can be used for many good purposes — to buy wonderful things and experiences like a nice house, good food and holidays; to pay for the best education and healthcare; to help others by giving to charities and contributing to good causes. At the same time, a lack, or misuse, of money can bring misery.

It is a very unpleasant experience to find yourself short of money to pay for groceries, rental, petrol or medical bills, and sometimes this can be a result of misuse of money, where money is wasted on paying for drugs you do not need, alcohol, or gambling. Lack of money can also lead to arguments, family break-ups and illegal activities such as theft, murder, prostitution and drug trafficking.

Unless you know the purpose of having money and what it can do for you, you, will not be able to appreciate its power in being able to create the type of life you want. And if you are not careful, money can also make a mess of your life!

There are two important things in life that money cannot buy – your time and your life. You cannot use money to buy time that you have lost or not used properly. And neither can you use money to buy back the life you would have lost upon death. Therefore, making use of your time wisely to learn good money management skills, and to create opportunities to build wealth, must be an important priority in your life.

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Money Rules (New Edition):

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