Three Elements Of A Successful Business

by Nicholas Bayerle

As a Businessman, you know the risks involved with building businesses. There are three elements of a successful business, we named it Three-Dimensional Business.

Usually people have one of the three dimensions or even two, just as most businessmen are not yet Three-Dimensional Businessman. Having one or two dimensions does not create a sturdy foundation. Assuming you already know what you are looking to get out of your future and are making steps towards it; assuming you know what you are particularly good at and what you are weak at to make sure your focuses are in the right place; assuming you have explored the areas and ideas that you have for the business you want to go into and the value they will bring into the world, this is the chemical X or the secret sauce.

The first dimension is creating a mission and vision that is bigger than a product or service. For years, I created a product and would go out there and try to sell it to people, chasing after the people instead of having them come to me. Equally, after I would get the purchase, they had no reason to stay in the ecosystem.

That is basically the definition of value, solving more problems for more people. Money will always follow that value. So, as a business, we took on a bigger identity and decided we are going to redefine what it means to be a businessman, literally change the dictionary definition.

That if you are not prospering in health, wealth, and relationships, you are no longer a businessman. We are creating success without sacrifice through a thing we call brotherhood. Nobody in the world will live without hearing this concept, and we will know we are successful when we create 3D Businessmen who not only live this life themselves; they actually influence others to do the same.

If you are not prospering in health, wealth, and relationships, you are no longer a businessman

When we started talking this way, having a future-based cause, a mission and vision that was bigger than a product or service, all of the sudden, being someone who stands for something became easy. And talking and promoting the company became easy because anything that contributes to creating Modern Day Businessmen was fair game!

Most people don’t have a vision for their lives, so when they see someone who has a clear one, they want to be part of it. Getting clear on this mission and vision will allow you to attract people that want to stay to be part of the solution. “If you speak something enough times with enough confidence, it then will become truth.” This was a quote I heard a while back, and it stuck with me.

When you talk about this mission and vision with enough confidence enough times, people will adopt it as truth and actually believe you are going to do it. They want to be part of that.

The second part of a 3D Business is having a product or service that solves that need or problem in the world. You know that vision you just created? Now the product is literally the thing that solves that problem; rather than hoping someone else does it, solve it and be profitable while you do it. The best products in the world are the ones solving the world’s biggest problems.

The last part of a Three Dimensional Business is one of the most important and overlooked topics. Though the two things I discussed above will make you wildly profitable and sustainable, there is still something missing that could change everything for you, your clients, and the longevity and growth of your business.

The third dimension is your way to GIVE back. The world teaches us that giving makes you lose, when actually the best way to get is to give. We live in a world that tests us with games of opposites. Kind of like golf—if you want to hit the ball right, you have to swing left; if you want to hit it high, you have to hit down. It’s a game of opposites.

So, the most powerful way to give back through your business model is to actually give back in a way that solves the root problem of why you are in business—yes, literally having a goal to put yourself out of business.

A major influence of this concept was from mentor Cole Hatter that created an environment teaching businesses how to be profitable and make an impact at the same time—not non-profit, not for profit, but for purpose. “Thrive. Make money. Matter.” By combining these three dimensions, you are setting your business up to be bulletproof all around, using the laws of success in your favor.

Extracted from The Modern Day Business Man by Nicholas Bayerle

About the author:

Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of Billion Dollar Body and Creator of the Billion Dollar Brotherhood. He’s the host of the BDB podcast, an international speaker and author of the Modern Day Businessman. Nicholas was named a top 30 under 30 Influencer, has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Forbes and has interviewed some of the top entrepreneurs. He lives by the philosophy that your network is your net-worth. Nicholas resides in Southern California and is passionate about his marriage, faith, family, friends and giving back to those he can help. You can book him to speak by e-mailing to:

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