You CRAZY To Start A Restaurant

by Charles Ho Siew Meng

Many restaurant owners are unaware that the menu of their restaurant is going to be a critical factor in determining success or failure. When first planning the set up of the

restaurant, formulating business plans and kitchen design and even naming the restaurant, you need to know what sort of menu will be served to your customers.

If you want to run a successful restaurant, it is essential that you know some basic stuff about menu planning, menu pricing and menu designing in order to help you maximize revenue and profitability. There are some factors you need to consider that will help you develop and design a win/win formula for you and your customers.

From the concept and theme perspective, your restaurant’s menu should reflect the style and atmosphere.

Simplicity is style – Some of the most enticing menus are designed with deliberate simplicity and it should not read like a book. Don’t try to please every customer by putting too many items, because too many choices will confuse them and may even make their dining experience into a frustrating one.

On the branding part, you should print your restaurant’s logo, brand name, or even slogan (if any) on your menu to appear prominently and strategically.

Menu with a subtle price list – Never design your menu to look like a price list. For example, do not list all its menu items on one side of the page with a dotted line that leads to its price. In this case, you are drawing customers to be able to compare prices on each item and indirectly getting your customers to order their food based on how much it cost.

Daily/weekly/monthly ‘Specials’ – You may choose and offer any one of your menu

items or new items as ‘Specials’ from time to time, which will entice new customers to check your business out. Do not let your customers feel ‘shortchanged’ about your ‘Specials’. When you say ‘Specials’, you need to live up to it and offer something that is really a value for their money (lower in price), but higher standard in quality, ingredient, or taste as you would normally offer.

If you wish to start your own restaurant, learn more from tips above to get twice the result with half the effort.

Photo by Deveon Dennis from Burst

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