Know Your Boundaries At The Workplace

By Datuk Stella Chin

There are healthy boundaries need to be set to maintain a competitive capability at work. Many people think that it’s all right to open up to colleagues we deem close and are our best friends.

But be caution, there is competition among co-workers. It is better to talk about general issues, such as trends, current affairs, travels, interests and hobbies.

Don’t gossip! Focus solely on your work. As long as you are doing a great job, you are giving the company a strong and solid reason to nurture and promote you without stirring jealousy and dissatisfaction among your team members.

Don’t gossip! Focus solely on your work.

Be an honest and upright employee, one with integrity. This is how you convince people to buy your ideas and respect you.

Remember the “three NOs”. It will help you to prevent many unnecessary troubles while enhancing your reputation and confidence.

Relationship is not leadership.

Every mid-level manager must be clear about the difference between the “lead” and “do” positions. When you confuse the two positions by exerting influence through relationships, you will complicate your work.

Mid-level managers tend to ignore the consequences of developing deep personal relationships with their staff. Some will even pander to their staff’s needs just to secure their friendship.

Friendship and work relationships are different. When you do not know your relationship boundaries, it will create unnecessary tension and misunderstandings at the workplace.

Best manager, not best friend.

A manager’s responsibility is to create and maintain an open, fair and honest atmosphere within the team, where everyone is able to add value and grow.

Understand what your company wants.

Many new mid-level managers worry about not getting their staff’s support or about their staff leaving the team. They fear that if this happens, their superiors will start to doubt their leadership abilities. This anxiety arises because the new managers are still thinking from their “do” position and not the “lead” position.

As a senior leader, when I give full authorisation to a mid-level manager, I look forward to seeing how he can promote the company’s business. In order to achieve this, the key is to use the right people, not just retain people.

Sometimes, retaining the team is a waste of precious time, which is why as a mid-level manager, you should not feel sad or frustrated if you have to let a non-performing member go.

Be decisive. As a mid-level manager, your job is to quickly get your team organised and deliver the work on time!

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About Datuk Stella Chin: Winner of four prestigious Stevie Awards for Women in Business, dubbed the Oscars (Academy Awards) in business, Datuk Stella Chin has over 20 years’ experience in leading a multinational conglomerate. 

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